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Drainage Masterplan Studies

Drainage Masterplan Studies

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In 2014, the City of Memphis initiated an effort to study the entire drainage system in an effort to reduce flooding conditions. In order to do this, the City was divided into numerous study areas.

During each study, the system will be surveyed, entered into a computer model, and calibrated to match real-world conditions. After this, several alternatives will be proposed and tested using the computer model. By doing this, any alternatives proposed can be verified as being effective at alleviating flooding issues before they are constructed in real life. 

The city completed a pilot study of the Lick Creek basin in Midtown utilizing this methodology in the mid-2000’s. Out of this study has come numerous improvements, such as system upgrades and detention facilities, many of which were not possible without partnerships with private entities. As a result, flood risk has been significantly reduced within the Midtown area.

In addition to the Lick Creek basin, seven study areas were selected in 2014, with an additional seven in 2015, four in 2016, and three in 2018. The basins are listed below.

Note: if you have any issues, such as flooding from a clogged inlet, missing storm grates, failing drainage infrastructure or other maintenance concerns, you can contact the Division of Public Works’ Drain Maintenance Department at (901) 357-0100 or by calling 311 .

Memphis SQ2 Program

These studies are part of the Memphis SQ2 Stormwater/Drainage Improvement Program. Click here for more information about this program.

Completed Studies

Studies in Progress