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About Memphis Animal Services

Memphis Animal Services offers a wide range of programs & services; including the sheltering of lost and homeless animals, pet adoption and placement, spay/neuter programs, handling of animal control complaints & bite cases, dog licensing, cruelty investigations, public information/humane education, and more. To view the Monthly Kennel Stats for the Memphis Animal Services, Click Here .

M.A.S. enforces animal care and control laws. We protect the rights of people against the dangers and nuisances of uncontrolled animals and protect animals from mistreatment and abuse.

We envision the day when all citizens, their property and neighborhoods will be safe from the dangers and nuisances of irresponsible pet ownership; when animals will not suffer because of human abuse, neglect, or ignorance; and when pets will be spayed or neutered to prevent the wanton destruction of healthy, well adjusted animals.

We are a department within the City of Memphis Division of Public Services and Neighborhoods. The “Memphis Dog Pound,” as it was formerly named, was originally opened in September 1936. It was on the northwest corner of Auction and Front Streets and was originally started as a Great Depression relief project. It was located there from 1936 until 1972. The current “Memphis Animal Shelter” was opened in 1972.

The name was changed in 2004 to Memphis Animal Services to better describe the City’s broad range of improved animal programs and services. Memphis Animal Services moved into its new 32,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility at 2350 Appling City Cove in 2011.