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Engineering Division

The City Engineer’s Office employs approximately 120 engineers, technicians and clerical employees. This division is responsible for design, and inspection during construction of streets, bridges, storm drains, sanitary sewers, traffic control devices and City facilities. This division also provides installation and maintenance of signs and markings along streets and maintenance of traffic signals for the City and Shelby County municipalities. In addition, the City Engineer’s Office coordinates major construction projects with the Tennessee Department of Transportation and provides review and approval of developer designed public improvements.



Bridge Inspector, Driveway Permits – Residential, Sidewalks(901) 636-2462
Fiber Optic Cable Permits(901) 636-6794
Maps and Property Records (901) 636-6694
Private Development Plans Review Status(901) 636-7132
Road/Alley/Lane Closures, Banners, Driveway Permits – Commercial(901) 636-6710
Road Construction Inspections(901) 636-2462
Sanitary Sewer Availability(901) 636-6971,
(901) 636-6700
Signs And Markings (901) 528-2938
Traffic Signal Maintenance (901) 528-2844

Manny Belen, P.E. – Director/City Engineer
125 N. Main Street – Room #644
Memphis, TN 38103

Office: 901-636-6700
Fax: 901-636-6960