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Fire Department

Go on a virtual field trip to the fire station with the fantastic crew from fire station 26

Playing a key role in addressing a critical public safety function of the City of Memphis, MFD pursues excellence through quality geographical coverage, equipment, and staffing levels. The main priorities of MFD are to provide fire suppression, rescue services, environmental and hazardous materials response, emergency medical response, emergency pre-hospital services, fire code enforcement, fire investigation, disaster preparedness training, and fire safety education.

MFD meets and exceeds the national standards of excellence in fire safety and response and has an ISO rating of 1.

Our Mission:

Teamwork with a commitment to excellence, compassion and immediate community protection. Leadership, with responsible financial management, strategic planning, and customer service for both the employees and citizens. Memphis Fire Department serves the citizens and visitors of Memphis with over 1700 commissioned firefighters and 57  fire stations. 

Below are some of Memphis Fire Department’s Goals for 2020. Click on the link to see how we are doing.