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City Court Clerk

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The City Court Clerk’s Office consists of the Traffic Violations Bureau and the City Courts, with four satellite offices located at the Old Allen, Raines, Union, and Ridgeway police stations.

The City Court Clerk’s Office is responsible for the collection of all fines, costs, and fees assessed against tickets issued by Memphis Police officers and the disbursement of these payments to the proper accounts.

Mission To collect City revenues generated by the Memphis Police Department through the issuance of traffic citations, traffic summons, and ordinance summons.

Goals and Objectives Collect 100 percent of the traffic summons, citations and ordinance summons monies owed to City of Memphis, while providing quality and efficient customer service to all citizens through a knowledgeable and trained workforce.

Ticket Information
Programs for Past Due Tickets

Towing Citations

Cars may be towed by the Memphis Police Department if there are three outstanding citation tickets that are at least 20 days past the issue date. Tickets must be paid in full or may be placed on the docket. If placed on the docket, a cash City Appearance Bond for the total amount due is required. Cash, cashier’s check, money order or credit card is acceptable for payment. No personal or business checks are accepted for payment on a tow. After payment is made in full, a completed Vehicle Release form is given to the vehicle owner and includes directions to the City of Memphis Impound Lot. Registered owner is responsible for all towing and storage fees at the City Impound Lot.

Debt Recovery Cases

A debt recovery case is a payment plan created to prevent the suspension of a violator’s driver’s license for non-payment of traffic tickets over which the Clerk’s office has jurisdiction. A debt recovery case number is assigned by the clerk to all the violator’s tickets, and a time pay agreement is entered into the system.

Payments are due every thirty days. A three day grace period for payment is given, and two extensions may be given. If a ticket is in suspension status, creating a Debt Recovery case will not remove the suspension.

Drive While You Pay

As of July 1, 1999, any person with a Tennessee driver’s license that is suspended for outstanding traffic tickets in Memphis TN is eligible to qualify for the DWYP Program. To qualify, the person must have an outstanding balance of at least $200.00 dollars and the tickets that are suspended must be four years old or older.

The status of an individual’s driver’s license is never checked over the telephone. Someone must appear in person. Only City of Memphis tickets may be placed in the DWYP Program. All tickets and fines in other jurisdictions must be cleared before the DWYP Program becomes effective. The contract consists of the total of all outstanding City of Memphis traffic tickets, and the amount of the payments($50.00 with a balance of $500.00 or less and $100.00 with a balance of $501.00 or more)

Amnesty Program

The Amnesty program covers City of Memphis traffic tickets that are 10 years old or older. This program runs each year from July 1 to December 31. (Note: Amnesty tickets 10 years old will not show amnesty price online)

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Myron Lowery
City Court Clerk
201 Poplar LL-80
Memphis, TN
(901) 636-3400
Fax: (901) 636-3457