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Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds were set aside to create the Community Coalition Grant Program. This technical assistance pilot program seeks to support recommendations of the Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan to support, build and expand community coalitions to broaden civic engagement. This program was piloted only in the Orange Mound and Binghampton communities. Non-profit organizations in these communities were encouraged to apply for a grant to fund their neighborhood-oriented projects, events, and activities (i.e. projects for seniors or youth, crime/safety awareness, education, health awareness, beautification, etc.)

Eligible Organizations

Organizations must have actively served the target community over the last three years. Local nonprofit organizations implementing a project designed to improve the lives of residents in low to moderate-income neighborhoods are eligible. While churches are eligible to apply for CCP funds, the proposed activity must not be religiously oriented. In addition, the activities may not be religious in nature, directly or indirectly, or be limited to or predominantly for members of specific churches. It is recommended that church or religious groups contact the HCD Grants Coordinator to discuss the restrictions before completing the application, if unsure.

Eligible Projects

All projects must benefit low to moderate-income individuals and households within the City of Memphis and the targeted community.

Projects must meet the “Area Benefit” Project Type.

Examples of Eligible CCP Projects

If any type of tool is requested, include your plan for storing and maintaining the tool(s). Examples of eligible activities in this category include:

•  Landscaping and beautification projects

• Tree planting

• Community gardens

•  Neighborhood signs

•  Shelters or playground improvement

•  Neighborhood clean-up events

• House painting/fix-up repair projects

• Handicap ramps

Note that Fundraising is not an eligible project activity under CCP grants.

HCD reserves the right to deem ineligible, any activity it believes is not appropriate or incongruent for funding under the CCP program.

    Click here to access the Community Coalition Grant Program Online Application

    CCP Program Guidelines

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