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Speed Safety Cameras

The City of Memphis Speed Safety Program is in place to encourage motorists to slow down in school zones and “S” curves where traffic data and citizen complaints show that speeding is a problem. This program supports increased public safety and enhances protection for our children. This program is pursuant to City of Memphis Ordinance 5747 Section 21-81.

The City of Memphis uses an automated traffic enforcement program to supplement traffic enforcement by Memphis police officers. The automated enforcement safety program deploys digital cameras to capture alleged violations. The cameras may be installed at intersections or mid-block locations within school zones. The cameras may also be installed within “S” curves where excessive speeding can result in a vehicle leaving the roadway. In school zones, enforcement cameras will be active for the 30 minutes prior to school opening and will remain active for 15 minutes after the school has opened. The cameras will once again activate 15 minutes prior to school closing and remain active for 30 minutes after the school has closed. Enforcement cameras will be active at all times within “S” curves.

The cameras will be located on poles near or adjacent to the enforcement areas. There will also be advance warning signs in place prior to the enforcement zones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Union Ave – Rembert to Morrison School Zone
  • Whitney Ave – Mountain Terrace to Wingate School Zone
  • Tillman St – McAdoo to Tillman Cove School Zone
  • Kirby Pkwy – Raines Rd to Birchwalk School Zone
  • Stratford Rd – Bowen to Marcel School Zone
  • East Holmes Rd – Tulane to Elvis Presley Blvd School Zone
  • Perkins Rd – Wooddale to Scottsdale School Zone and Reverse Curve
  • North White Station Rd – Normandy to Heatherway School Zone
  • Getwell Rd – Mallory to Elliston School Zone
  • New Allen Rd – Hawkins Mill Rd to Prince of Peace Church Reverse Curve
  • Tchulahoma Rd – Shannon Circle to 400 ft South of Christine Reverse Curve
  • McLean Rd – Forrest to Faxon School Zone
  • Quince Rd – Sulgrave to Solway School Zone
  • Perkins Rd – 100 ft South of Chip to 100 ft North of Perkins Cove Reverse Curve
  • Knight Arnold Rd – 600 ft East of Mendenhall to 200 ft East of Spencer Reverse Curve