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Parking Meter FAQ

Parking Meter FAQ

  1. Why do we even have parking meters? Why can’t people just park for free anywhere they want downtown?
    Parking meters are designed to create turnover and maximize the use of each parking space in order to accommodate short term parking demand in the area.

  2. Why are time limits set for metered parking? What is the typical time limit for metered parking? Are there any holidays when the meters do not need to be paid?
    Time limits are set to encourage turnover in spaces available for short-term on-street parking. Time limits on meters range from 30 minutes short term to 6 hours around locations appropriate for longer-term parking, such as restaurants and retail shopping establishments. Meter parking is free all day on Sundays and on the following holidays: January 1st, July 4th, Thanksgiving and December 25th. Time limits are posted on the parking meters.

  3. How are credit card payments handled?
    Credit card payments for the parking meters are handled by a third-party credit card clearing house. Credit card information is encrypted at the meter and immediately forwarded to the clearing house. The City does not handle credit card information.

  4. How many on-street metered parking spaces are available?
    The City manages approximately 1500 on-street parking metered spaces.

  5. What is the current parking meter rate?
    The current parking meter rate is $1.50 an hour at all on-street metered spaces.

  6. Must a person with a handicap placard or tag pay an on-street parking meter?
    No, parking at any metered space is free for drivers with valid and properly displayed handicap placards or license plates for the maximum current time limit posted on the meter. Tennessee Statute, T.C.A. 55-21-105(a) states: “No state agency, county, city, town or other municipality or any agency thereof shall exact any fee for parking on any street or highway or in any metered parking space. The parking privileges granted by this section are limited to any disabled driver or disabled passenger to whom the distinctive license plates or placards were issued.”

  7. What is the method for securing parking meter spaces for special consideration such as dumpster parking for construction purposes?
    Contact Traffic Engineering (901) 636-6710.

  8.  Where can more information on parking meters be found? Traffic Engineering (901) 636-6710