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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

1. Who is responsible for making sidewalk repairs?
Once the city installs the sidewalk it is up to the property owner to maintain the sidewalk.

2. What is the cost of a permit for a sidewalk and drive inlet?
The cost for the permit is 48 cents a square foot.

3. Where must I go to purchase a permit?
If the permit is for residential you must go to 2599 Avery Avenue. For commercial you should go to 125 N. Main on the 6th floor room 644. There is an exception on needing just a permit for commercial sidewalk that can be purchased at 2599 Avery Avenue. For other permits, please visit the Develop 901 website.

4. Where do you call for a slab inspection?
They must call Code Enforcement @ (311).

5. What are the requirements to get a sidewalk permit?
They must first have a Cement Workers Bond with the City of Memphis in the amount of $15,000.00. This can be purchased through an Insurance company of their choice.

6. If you have a broken water line whom should you call?
You need to Contact MLG&W

7. When will the city fix our sidewalks?
Sidewalks, driveways and driveway aprons are the homeowner’s responsibility.

8. I need the city to survey my property?
The city does not provide survey services for the public.

9.Can you send an engineer out to unstop my sewer or drain?
Public works drain maintenance (311) deals with stopped up drains. Public works environmental maintenance (311) deals with stopped up sewers. Public works street maintenance deals with potholes (311).

10. Is there sewer service to our property?

Sewer services is handled by the Engineering Sewer Department. For more information call (311).

11. Certificate of occupancy?
Certificate of Occupancy is handled by Construction Code Enforcement. For more information call (901) 222-8300.

12. Where is my sewer tap/connection?

To determine the location of your connection to the main line, contact Public Works – Environmental Maintenance at (311).