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The Memphis Solid Waste department works hard to provide environmentally responsible collection and disposal of trash, yard waste, and recycling. Starting in 2015, we began to offer 96-gallon carts to our solid waste customers. So please join me in this recycling effort, whether at work, on the go, or with our new 96-gallon recycling carts. Click the link below to download the Acceptable Recycling Materials Guide.

Our Memphis Collection Calendar App also has a Waste Wizard you can use to learn more about what is accepted in your gray recycling cart. It is also available on our Solid Waste front page. 


  • Follow recycling guide for a list of recyclable materials. No sorting necessary.
  • Break down boxes and rigid containers.
  • Empty all bottles and cans – labels are OK and rinsing is optional.
  • Remove and discard shrink wrap from other recyclable material


  • Place items in your cart/bin that are not listed in your recycling guide. (Unacceptable items may be left in your cart/bin for your disposal).
  • Remember – no yard waste, no hoses or cords, no Styrofoam, and no plastic bags or plastic film
  • Scavenge items from carts as it is illegal.
  • Put confidential mail or paper in your recycling bin.

Recycling Convenience Centers

City of Memphis residents have access to three recycling convenience centers. Bring your plastic bottles and jugs, paper, glass, cartons, and cans for recycling. Plastic bags and cardboard are not accepted.

Mud Island Drive (north entrance of Mud Island Park)

Near the Agricenter – approx. 300 yards from Germantown Pkwy South

Hickory Hill Community Center