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Household Garbage

The Solid Waste Management Service Center is responsible for the collection and disposal of all solid waste within the City by State and Federal Laws. In an ongoing effort to reduce the amount of solid waste being disposed of in Memphis area landfills, Solid Waste Management has developed and implemented a variety of recycling programs and initiatives. 


  • Place your carts and curbside trash on the curb (not in a storm drain) within three (3) feet of the street.
  • Cart lid should face the street, and the cart handle should always face your house.
  • Position carts and curbside trash free of overhead obstructions like wires or overgrown branches.
  • Place carts at the curb no earlier than 5 P.M. that day prior to collection. Remove carts by 8 A.M. the day following collection. (Cite ordinance 5697)
  • Allow 4 feet between carts and curbside trash and away from fixed objects (cars, utilities, fire hydrants, mailboxes, etc.)
  • Check online or call 311 for collection day changes due to holiday or inclement weather.


  • Load and arrange trash items to maximize space.
  • Bag or wrap all food waste to limit odors and vectors.
  • If possible, refrigerate or freeze food wastes until collection day to limit cart odors and vectors.


  • Overload carts.
  • Place unwrapped food waste and other loose waste directly into the cart.
  • Leave cart lids open.

Bulk/Outside the Cart Waste 

  • Bulky item piles are limited to half a cubic yard.
    Place bulky item piles within three (3) feet of the street.
  • Do not place bulky item piles near mailboxes, parked cars, fences, trees, and low-hanging tree limbs.
  • Do not place material at the curb after crews have passed by your house.
  • Tree debris must be less than 5 ft in length and less than 13 inches in diameter. 


Under the City’s disposal contract with Republic Services, Memphis single-family residential customers who pay a Solid Waste Fee on their MLGW bill can dump up to 3 cubic yards (1 full-sized pickup truck) of trash at the landfill for free once a month. For business customers, there is a fee. These two dumps are called:

  • Republic Services (BFI) North Shelby Landfill 7111 Old Millington RdMillington, TN  38053
  • Republic Services (BFI) South Shelby Landfill 5494 Malone RdMemphis, TN  38118

Household Hazardous Waste

The City of Memphis supports the Shelby County’s household hazardous waste facility located at 6305 Haley Rd, Memphis, TN 38134. See website for details.

Construction and Demolition Debris

City ordinance prohibits us from removing dirt, brick, rock, concrete, scrap, lumber, roofing, fencing materials, carpet or any other debris generated as a result of construction or demolition. Also, contractors who create waste are required by city ordinance to remove such waste upon completion of work.  Failure to comply may result in an invoice to the property owner to cover the cost of removal. 


Homes serviced by the City may place up to four tires, sizes up to 11 x 22.5 at curbside for collection by the City. Tire collection may require special arrangements. Your patience is appreciated. For further information call  311 at (901) 636-6500

Dead Animals

  • Dead animal removal service is provided on the City of Memphis public right of way and on City property.
  • For removal call 311.
  • No collections on Saturdays, Sundays, or City observed holidays.
  • Place the deceased animal in a plastic bag on the curb (between sidewalk and curb), not in the street or gutter.
  • No collection of dead animals is provided on private property. Collection personnel is not allowed to enter private property, meaning inside homes, front yards, or backyards.
  • No dead animal collection is provided by the City in private developments, private streets, apartment complexes, etc.
  • The City of Memphis does not service other municipalities or unincorporated Shelby County.


Please call 311 to ensure sanitation crews know discarded items are at the curb and ready for pick-up.

Yard Waste Tips

Place leaves, grass clippings and shrubbery in disposable bags at curbside, not in the street or gutter. The City does not collect limbs or logs larger than 13 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length. The City recycles thousands of tons of yard waste into mulch and compost, therefore whenever possible, please keep yard waste separate from non-compostable trash. 

Using Yard Waste Contractors

By City ordinance, independent yard waste contractors such as lawn services, tree trimmers, landscapers, etc. must remove all waste generated by their services.


Solid Waste Management Department
125 N. Main Street – Room #628
Memphis, TN 38103
Office: 901-636-6500