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Heavy Equipment Services

Heavy Equipment Services provides a broad range of services to various departments in City Government. These services include street sweeping, roadside ditching, special projects, demolition, and snow and ice operations.  

Roadside Ditching

Heavy Equipment Services uses equipment to grade and clean road side ditches on public streets without curb and gutter that have become filled in with silt or other debris and assists in the removal of debris and obstructions from concrete channels.                                          

Street Sweeping

The Street Sweeping Operation is responsible for cleaning the gutter lines throughout the City and ensuring that debris does not block storm water flow or enter streams and channels. The department also minimizes damage to traveling vehicles by ensuring foreign objects such as nails, rocks, and glass are kept off City streets and out of our waterways. On average, the department sweeps 300 miles a week.

Special Projects

Heavy Equipment Services provides specialty construction related services including demolition, major excavation, earthwork, and heavy cleaning of drainage infrastructure.

Heavy Equipment Services is often called upon to provide support services to other departments, divisions, and public agencies, particularly in the area of Emergency Response whenever there is a need that requires the expertise and use of various types of heavy equipment.

Snow and Ice Operations

During inclement weather, Heavy Equipment Services assists the Street Maintenance department with deicing and anti-icing processes.

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Heavy Equipment Services


Hours of Operation – 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, M-F