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Drain Maintenance

City of Memphis Drain Maintenance is responsible for providing routine inspection, maintenance, and emergency repairs to the existing public drainage systems within the City’s right-of-way or approved drainage easements. Generally, these drainage systems are made up of major and minor channel lined ditches, pipes, or other related infrastructure.

Drain Maintenance performs repairs to public drainage infrastructure. This includes emergency repairs to public drain pipes and concrete lined channels, removing blockages in concrete channels and drainage culverts, repair or replacement of inlet grates and manhole covers.

Our department receives, on average, 4,600 service requests per year. We service approximately 56,000 drainage inlets, 1,839 miles of underground drainage infrastructure, and 158 miles of concrete channel lined ditches.


The storm drain inlet in front of my house is clogged. Who do I contact to clean it out?

Residents may report clogged or blocked storm drains to the Drain Maintenance’s Service Office at (901) 357-0100 or report their concern to 311.

The stream behind my house is blocked with tree limbs and debris. Who is responsible for cleaning the stream?

If the stream is a natural or vegetated channel and located on private property, then the property owner would be responsible for the removal of the debris. Drain Maintenance will remove blockages from City maintained storm drainage channels; typically, these are concrete lined systems. You may call the Drain Maintenance Service Office at (901)357-0100 to seek assistance in determining maintenance responsibilities for streams and storm drainage channels.

The small drain inlet in my driveway at my garage door is blocked and causing my garage and house to flood. What can be done?

This is a private drain and any maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. The resident should check to see if the small grate on top of the drain is clogged and clear it if necessary. If the grate is clear, a plumber should be contacted to ensure that the pipe leading from the area drain is clear and free of obstructions.

The opening to the storm drain in front of my house appears to be missing a grate and is large enough for a child to go through. Who is responsible for fixing this?

Drain Maintenance can take any corrective action needed to repair or replace missing inlet grates. You should contact the Service Office at (901)357-0100 or 311 to arrange for an inspection of the storm drain.

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Report Drainage Concerns – (901)357-0100 or 311