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Investigative Services

The Investigative Services branch of the Memphis Police Department is responsible for thoroughly reviewing the details surrounding every crime committed in Memphis. Investigative Services works closely with all branches of the Memphis Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to solve crime.

Investigative Services is comprised of Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property investigative bureaus, the Felony Response Unit and Crime Scene Investigations.

Crimes Against Persons bureaus handle homicides, sexual assaults, and crimes of an immediate personal nature.

Crimes Against Property bureaus handles burglary, vehicle theft, larceny and incidents where property theft is the principal crime involved.

Sex Crimes / Juvenile Abuse

This unit is responsible for handling investigations involving any sexual or physical abuse crime.


The Homicide Bureau is responsible for conducting all investigations related to homicides, suicides, and natural or accidental deaths.

Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Unit (DV) is responsible for investigating incidents involving domestic violence. The DV Unit works closely with the Citizens Dispute Office and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office regarding Domestic Violence warrants and protective orders.

Missing Persons

The Missing Persons Unit handles all cases involving missing persons and runaways.

Felony Assault

This unit was formed to aggressively investigate aggravated assaults in the same manner as homicides.


This unit investigates robberies citywide, including business and bank robberies.