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In Memoriam

To those police officers who gave their lives unselfishly in the performance of their duties & we remember them all.

While the majority of the officers listed below died in the line of duty, some were killed providing security for the citizens of Memphis.

Sergeant Verdell Smith
 – Died on June 4, 2016 after being struck by a vehicle whose driver had been involved in a triple shooting approximately 30 minutes earlier.

Officer Sean Bolton – 
Died Aug. 1, 2015 after being shot when he interrupted a drug deal near the intersection of Cottonwood and Perkins Roads.

Officer Martoiya Lang 
– Died on Dec. 14, 2012 from gunshot wounds she received while executing a search warrant.

Officer Timothy Warren
 – Died on July 3, 2011 from gunshot wounds he received while responding to a domestic distrubance call at a downtown hotel.

Officer Marlon Titus -Died on March 30, 2004 at approximately 0145 hours after he was involved in an on-duty vehicle crash.   

Patrolman Anthony L. Woods  –  Died August 27, 2003 fron gunshot wounds he received while responding to a domestic disturbance call in an apartment complex in the Parkway Village area of Memphis.

Patrolman Clayton Hicks Jr. – Died November 14, 2000 from a gunshot wound he received while responding to an off-duty incident.

Patrolman John Robinson – Died December 1, 1999 shortly after his cruiser crashed into several trees while attempting to apprehend two robbery suspects on New Allen Road.

Patrolman Don Overton – Died October 14, 1999 after his squad car was broadsided on Hollywood in North Memphis by a car occupied by four theft suspects fleeing police. 

Patrolman Don Williams – Died January 22, 1998 from injuries received when he was shot in the back of the head at point blank range while working an off-duty security job on December 26, 1997.

Patrolman Dannael J. Weekes – Died Friday, March 7, 1997 from injuries sustained after the vehicle he was riding in struck another vehicle while in route to an Off-duty Police Officer Calling for Help Call. 

Major Rufus Gates – Was shot November 7, 1994 by a Uniform Police Officer who didn’t recognize him as being an Undercover Police Officer.

Patrolman John E. Reeve – Killed September 9, 1991 after he lost control of his squad car on slippery streets in route to an alarm call and hit a telephone pole.

Police Service Technician Booker T. Shaw, Jr. – Was struck by a tractor trailer December 17, 1985 while investigating an accident on Interstate 240 east of Millbranch.

Patrolman Robert S. Hester – Beaten to death January 12, 1983 after being held hostage by a religious group at 2239 Shannon Street.

Police Trainee J.W. Sykes, Jr. – Shot December 31, 1982 by armed robbers as he approached their car.

Patrolman Charles L. Harrison – Killed May 6, 1982 when his motorcycle struck a car on Interstate 240 East of Airways.

Patrolman Larry P. Childress – Shot January 14, 1982 during the robbery of the residence at 5600 Shady Grove Road.

Lt. Ronald D. Oliver – Shot August 5, 1981 in a holdup at Wendy’s at 3275 North Danny Thomas.

Lt. Clarence P. Cox – Shot May 12, 1981 in front of the Lauderdale Court Apartments while checking a suspicious person.

Patrolman James Lee Jefferson – A car struck his motorcycle August 18, 1979 on Elvis Presley Blvd. and Brooks Road.

Patrolman J.N. Bush, Jr. – Struck by a car December 29, 1978 while directing traffic on South Third Street at Mitchell Road.

Patrolman McCord L. Springfield – Shot March 12, 1977 at 1244 College while apprehending an armed person.

Patrolman Edward J. Hammond, Jr. – Shot November 23, 1973 at Chelsea and McNeil while attempting to arrest an armed person.

Patrolman David W. Clark – Shot May 21, 1973 while attempting to arrest a man who had killed four people and wounded four others at Kansas and Ingle Streets.

Patrolman Michael D. Wright, Jr. – Killed September 9, 1972 in an automobile accident at Thomas and Watkins.

Patrolman Dennis J. Jobe – Killed September 22, 1970 in a motorcycle accident at Armour Station.

Patrolman James E. Harper, Jr.. – Killed in an accident February 12, 1964 when a car turned in front of him while chasing a speeder on Bellevue near Ledger.

Patrolman Morris E. White, Jr. – killed in an automobile accident November 20, 1963 at Northwood Drive and Walnut Grove Road.

Patrolman Frank Bruno, Jr. – Shot October 7, 1960 while investigating a burglary at 639 East McLemore.

Patrolman Joseph Palazolla – Was struck by a City bus November 30, 1959 while directing traffic in front of Bellevue School.

Patrolman James E. Walker – Killed April 12, 1952 when his motorcycle skidded on wet pavement and struck a tree on Parkway at Avalon.

Patrolman C.C. Musick – While riding his police motorcycle to work on July 2, 1937 he was struck by a DWI car at Poplar and Tillman.

Patrolman George W. Ham – Accident at Walnut and Linden on February 27, 1936 while involved in a chase, struck by another car going through the intersection.

Patrolman Roy A. Scott – Shot February 20, 1936 at 1409 Britton while arresting a robber.

Patrolman C.J. Redder – Struck by a Fire Truck October 22, 1931 while directing traffic at Second Street and Union Avenue during a fire.

Patrolman Walter H. McEwen – Shot December 30, 1929 at 512 Saint Martin apprehending an armed person.

Patrolman W.R. Bridges – Shot April 20, 1929 at Third and Beale Streets while arresting a drunk.

Patrolman T.B. Knox – Shot April 5, 1925 at Fourth and Beale Streets while helping a citizen.

Patrolman Charles F. Stevens – Shot August 4, 1923 at 364 Vance as he attempted to arrest a murderer.

Patrolman James P. Wooten – Crushed between two street cars February 21, 1922 as he ran toward a disturbance near McLemore and Rayburn Streets.

Patrolman P.T. Fleet – Shot November 3, 1921 in railroad yards near Kansas and Carolina Streets.

Sgt. J.L. Bell – Stabbed September 1, 1921 in front of 217 East McLemore.

Patrolman Polk C. Carraway – Shot August 10, 1921 by would-be robbers at 495 Union Avenue.

Lt Vincent Lucarini – Mistaken for a hold up man and shot by a posse in Collierville, Tennessee on August 10, 1921.

Patrolman James J. McNeil – Motorcycle accident December 14, 1920 at Seventh and Auction while chasing a speeder.

Patrolman James S. Holmes – Struck by a truck September 21, 1920 while directing traffic at Main and Gayoso Streets.

Patrolman Vic Zambroni – Motorcycle accident March 23, 1920 at Court and Dunlap Streets to avoid striking a pedestrian.

Patrolman Guy Saint – Shot January 7, 1920 at Vance and Lauderdale by drugstore burglars.

Sgt J.C. Brinkley – Shot June 13, 1919 near Jackson Avenue and Waldran Road when investigating a suspected chicken theft.

Patrolman A.L. White – Shot April 13, 1919 near Lamar Avenue and Deadrick Street while investigating a bicycle theft.

Patrolman E.L. Broadfoot – Shot February 23, 1918 at 546 South Main Street by three bootleggers.

Patrolman R.C. Parkinson – Died on November 2, 1894 after being shot by a purse-snatcher while patrolling downtown on foot.

Patrolman John Stevens – Died on May 1, 1866 after being shot in the thigh by a group of rioters at Third and Calhoun.

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Information compiled by Major T.E. Cook and Major S.K. Lowe.