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Crime Prevention Grant

The next application portal will open February 28, 2023. The deadline to submit your application for the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Grant has been extended to June 30, 2023 by 4:00 p.m.

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What is Neighborhood Watch?
Neighborhood Watch is an organized group of citizens devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood. Establish a Neighborhood Group through your local station.

Our Goal To promote crime prevention projects, encourage forming a neighborhood watch group, support existing groups and build safer, crime free communities by providing resources, direction, guidance, and grant funds to assist neighborhoods with their crime prevention efforts.

Our Mission: The Memphis Area Neighborhood Watch office works to bring the entire neighborhood together to help fight crime. Partnerships are built between our office, other City Divisions, neighborhood groups, faith-based organizations, and community agencies.

  • Provide technical assistance for applying for the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Grant.
  • Aid in the development of a crime prevention neighborhood project, program and/or event.
  • Provide guidance in submitting an application for the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Grant.
  • Ensure successful completion of crime prevention projects funded by the NCPG.
  • Connect new neighborhood watch groups with local stations.

Neighborhood Crime Prevention Grant

Be an active neighborhood group, Homeowners Association or Faith Based Organization; Register with your local MPD Station Coordinator and submit an updated letter from law enforcement verifying the required meetings and partnership with your local station.

  • Attend one of our mandatory Neighborhood Crime Prevention Grant workshops (This is a workshop that explains the application process)
  • Be a permanent resident of the City of Memphis.
  • Turn in the MANW Group Registration form with your grant application.
  • Have a valid checking account, in the group’s name.
  • Submit the completed NCPG application by the deadline date and time.