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Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Program

Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Program

CHDO Program Informational Workshop Presentation

CHDO Program Informational Workshop Recording

At least 15 percent of HOME funds must be set aside for affordable housing activities to be undertaken by a special type of nonprofit called a CHDO in the communities that they serve. All applications must be submitted electronically. 


  • Organized for the purpose of providing decent, affordable housing.
  • No individual benefit to members, founders, or contributors.
  • Clearly defined geographic service area.
  • Nonprofit status.
  • A board that is representative of the community it serves.
  • Demonstrate at least one year of experience in serving the community where the housing will be developed.

The application period for CHDO funds is currently open on a rolling basis.

Important Links

Note to applicants:  Please submit your completed application with all required attachments to the City of Memphis via secured link to