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Prevention and Safety

Fire Prevention Program
Reducing the number of fatalities, injuries and property losses due to fire is the primary focus of the Memphis Fire Department’ s Fire Prevention Program. The fundamental components of this program include Public Education, Code Enforcement, Arson Investigation and Anti-Neglect. Employees trained in these areas include state-certified Fire Inspectors, Anti-Neglect Field Inspectors, Fire Education Specialists and Fire Investigators. These employees penetrate each segment of the Memphis Community through daily face-to-face contact with the public.

Fire Protection Plan
In order to reduce the rate of fire incidents, the Memphis Fire Department developed the Fire Protection Plan as a mechanism to reach high-risk fire management zones. The concept involves the use of statistical information to identify high-risk areas. Once high-risk areas are identified, one or more companies of firefighters blitz targeted areas to ensure that every occupied residence has a working smoke detector.

During each blitz, firefighters and other Fire Services personnel actually visit each occupied residence within specific fire management zones to check for working smoke detectors. Discrepancies such as the lack of smoke detectors, defective smoke detectors and smoke detectors with dead batteries or no batteries are recorded. Before each project is completed, all discrepancies are corrected by installing new smoke detectors or replacing missing or dead batteries.

Public Education
One of the keys to fire prevention is educating the public through various programs and activities. One of these programs, the Juvenile Fire Setter Program targets and educates children involved in incidents of fire setting or equipment tampering. This intervention redirects children’ s interests, which ultimately decreases fire loss due to juvenile arson.

In between presentations made at schools, nursing homes and other local facilities, Fire Education Specialists lead tours while teaching fire safety at the Fire Museum of Memphis. This unique interactive fire safety facility is one of the most popular educational and historical attractions in Memphis.

Code Enforcement
In addition to conducting annual inspections of all hospitals, hotels, schools and other structures, Fire Inspectors ensure response to plan reviews and inspect new buildings within 48 hours of notification. View the Smoke Detector information to see if you qualify for a free smoke alarm: Smoke Detector Request

Arson Investigations
Fire Investigators conduct detailed investigations and interrogations to determine the origins of fires. As a result of recently enacted state laws, investigators now have police powers to expedite the process of apprehending individuals involved in arson-related incidents. The acquisition of an accelerant-detecting canine has also helped make conducting arson investigations more efficient.