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EMS Quality Improvements

Mission Statement: The Memphis Fire Department Quality Improvement Program is dedicated to both the employee and the citizens that we serve; We will strive to identify areas within the Department, policies, protocols and overall patient care processes that require modification, changes, training and/or remediation so that we continually strive to provide the best resources to the employee and the citizens that we serve.

This mission is only accomplished by the support, guidance and feed back by all employees of the Memphis Fire Department. And we will accomplish these goals by receiving active support from the Command Staff, Medical Director, QI Coordinator, B/C?s, Lieutenants and all field personnel.

To improve the quality of care provided to the citizens of Memphis through the Quality Improvement program by identifying individuals, trends, and process that can be improved by either training, remediation, policy and procedure reviews and changes as required.

To assess the quality of patient care and processes related to patient care.

To identify opportunities for improvement;

and to monitor significant trends by analyzing aggregated data gathered by the QI process.