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Budget Manager

Cameron Canady
Budget Manager

Administrates the preparation and presentation of the City’s operating and capital budgets. Develops and communicates the key budget assumptions and guidance for budget development by the City’s Operating Divisions and Agencies, identifying specific tasks and deadlines for producing the Adopted Budget as mandated by City Ordinance. Coordinates the compilation of data, publication of final Budget documents and documents submitted to the State Comptroller.

Manages budget revisions and changes by the review of council resolutions. Reviews resolutions for financial impact, accuracy, and documentation of allocations, appropriations, and transfers before routing for inclusion on Council agenda. Reviews and reports on the financial impact of management/financial policies projecting revenue collection including coordination with outside consultants.

Monitors Division’s performance against budget and develops and updates the full year and quarterly revenue forecast for the General Fund, Special Revenue Funds. Coordinates with other City personnel to accurately forecast revenues for all other Funds. Trains and assists coordinators in all Divisions.