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Civil and Drainage Standards

Civil and Drainage Standards

Civil Standards

Drawing NumberTitleLast RevisedPDF DownlaodDWG Download
1.6-18 Median Curb1/29/88PDFDWG
2.6-30 Curb and Gutter1/12/88PDFDWG
3.Valley Gutter1/29/88PDFDWG
4.Valley Gutter Transition2/1/88PDFDWG
5.Concrete Water Table2/1/88PDFDWG
6.Prefabricated Sidewalk Drain2/1/88PDFDWG
7.Curb Ramp for New Construction3/28/06PDFDWG
7A.Curb Ramp w/Detectable Warning Surface for New Const.3/28/06PDFDWG
8.Curb Ramp in Existing Conditions3/28/06PDFDWG
9.Gravity Wall Above Sidewalk2/2/88PDFDWG
10.Gravity Wall Below Sidewalk3/20/17PDFDWG
11A.ADA Handrail9/20/99PDFDWG
12.Brick Radius Culvert2/3/88PDFDWG
13.Precast Manhole2/14/11PDFDWG
14.No. 7A Manhole Rim and Cover2/14/11PDFDWG
15.No. 7A Alternate Manhole Rim and Cover2/3/11PDFDWG
16.No. 10 Inlet2/8/88PDFDWG
17.No. 10 Rim and Grating2/8/88PDFDWG
18.No. 11 Inlet2/8/88PDFDWG
18A.No. 11 Alternate Inlet PDFDWG
19.No. 11 Rim and Grating2/9/88PDFDWG
20.No. S-11 Inlet2/9/88PDFDWG
21.6-72 Inlet9/1/88PDFDWG
22.Tapered Rim and Grating for 6-72 Inlet2/10/88PDFDWG
23.Twin 6-72 Inlet2/10/88PDFDWG
24.Special 3’x3′ Inlet2/22/88PDFDWG
25.Headwall Type “A”2/22/88PDFDWG
26.Headwall Type “B”2/24/88PDFDWG
27.Headwall-Spillway Type “C”2/26/88PDFDWG
28.Headwall-Wingwalls Type “D”2/29/88PDFDWG
29.Headwall-Wingwalls Type “E”2/26/02PDFDWG
30.3/16 Inch Per Foot Straight Slope Detail2/29/88PDFDWG
31.Parabolic Crowns2/29/88PDFDWG
32.Repair of Utility Cuts10/15/20PDFDWG
32A.Drainage Pipe BeddingPDFDWG
33.Light Standard Detail2/14/03PDFDWG
34.Construction Sign11/9/2021PDFDWG
34A.Construction Sign With City Council Members11/9/2021PDFDWG
35.Type III Barricade2/3/88PDFDWG
36.Closing Basement Vents3/2/88PDFDWG
37.Drain Manhole (Brick)3/3/88PDFDWG
38.Residential Driveway2/6/08PDFDWG
39.Commercial Driveway2/6/08PDFDWG
40.Conversion of Inlet to Drain Manhole3/9/88PDFDWG
41.Minimum Curb ElevationPDFDWG
42.6″x18″ Vertical Curb3/10/88PDFDWG
43.Ditch to Box Culvert Transition10/25/85PDFDWG
44.Valley Gutter Inlet3/10/88PDFDWG
45.Radius Curb Cut1/21/88PDFDWG
46.9-30 Curb and Transition7/31/90PDFDWG
47.No. 3070 Frame and Grate10/11/93PDFDWG
48.Brick Junction Box11/25/96PDFDWG
49.Reinforced Concrete Junction Box11/25/96PDFDWG
50.Alternate Rim and Grating for #10 Inlet6/17/03PDFDWG
51.Alternate Rim and Grating for #11 Inlet6/17/03PDFDWG
52.Alternate Rim and Grating for 6-72 Inlet9/3/03PDFDWG
53A.Pavement Repair Traverse Patches Details12/11/19PDFDWG
53B.Pavement Repair Wheel Path Details12/11/19PDFDWG
53C.Pavement Repair Cross Slope Details12/11/19PDFDWG
53D.Pavement Repair Multi-Lane Details12/11/19PDFDWG
53E.Pavement Repair Patch Inside a Patch Details12/11/19PDFDWG
53F.Pavement Repair Cut Restoration Detail12/11/19PDFDWG
53G.Utility Cut Locations at Intersections12/11/19PDFDWG
53H.Concrete Pavement Repair12/11/19PDFDWG
53I.Pavement Repair Patches in Series12/11/19PDFDWG

* Standards 50-52 are installed on city-maintained roadways with bike lanes.

Drainage Standards

Drawing NumberTitleLast RevisedPDF DownloadDWG Download
1.Concrete Channel Lining for Wall Height of 0′-0″ to 7′-0″9/18/84PDFDWG
2.Concrete Channel Lining for Wall Height of 7′-1″ to 12′-0″: Wire Basket at Weep Holes9/18/84PDFDWG
3.Concrete Channel Lining for Wall Height of 7′-1″ to 12′-0″: Continuous Under Drain9/18/84PDFDWG
4.Wingwall and Toewall for Concrete Channel Lining (with Wall Height Less than 6 FT)9/8/83PDFDWG
5.Concrete Spillway9/8/83PDFDWG