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The City of Memphis is working towards the goals of safety, connectivity, accessibility, and mode shift in order to increase livability through improved public health and safety, reduced environmental impact, transportation efficiency, and increased economic opportunity. A safe and connected pedestrian network across the City of Memphis remains a high priority in order to achieve these goals.The City of Memphis’ pedestrian network includes over 3,400 miles of existing sidewalks. As the City’s public infrastructure has aged, a growing need for repair and maintenance of the network has significantly outpaced maintenance completed through existing processes. It is the responsibility of every Memphis property owner to keep his or her sidewalk in good repair. It is the responsibility of the City, however, to make sure that property owners fulfill their obligation to maintain the sidewalks. To date, the City’s approach to sidewalk maintenance has been primarily reactive. As citizen requests are made for sidewalk maintenance, the City notifies property owners of their responsibility and then proceeds through a legal process, as necessary, to ensure repairs are completed. 

Linked here are resources that Memphis property owners can use to facilitate sidewalk repairs, better understand the current ordinances, or link to ongoing efforts to improve sidewalks throughout the city.

Residential property owners may qualify for 100% financial assistance in making repairs to their primary residence if they meet certain age, income, and physical ability criteria. Contact the City of Memphis Division of Engineering Sidewalk Department at (901) 636-2462 to see if you qualify for this sidewalk assistance program.

Sidewalk Assistance Application