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Ticket Prices

Commonly used traffic ordinances and fines

21-100$57.75Driving on divided highway
21-103$57.75Driving within sidewalk area
21-104$57.75Obstructing intersection/crosswalk
21-105$62.75Following too closely
21-106Speed Limit 
 $42.751-5 MPH over speed limit
 $52.756-10 MPH over speed limit
 $67.7511-15 MPH over speed limit
 $77.7516-25 MPH over speed limit
 Court26+ MPH over speed limit
21-107CourtSpeeding in school zone
21-108$47.75Impeding traffic/minimum speed regulation
21-109$62.75Failure to yield/controlled intersection
21-110$62.75Failure to yield/intersection
21-111A$62.75Disregarding stop sign
21-111B$62.75Failure to yield/stop sign
21-112$62.75One-way streets
21-113$62.75Turning movements generally
21-113A$62.75Improper turns general
21-113B.1$62.75Improper right turn
21-113B.2$62.75Improper left turn
21-113B.3$62.75Improper left turn/wrong lane
21-114$52.75Driving straight in turn lane
21-115$52.75Prohibited turn
21-116$52.75Improper U-turn
21-117$52.75Turning/stopping signals generally
21-119$52.75Change of direction after signal
21-121$62.75Failure to yield right of way/left turn
21-122$62.75Improper backing
21-123$82.75Failure to yield/emergency vehicle
21-128CourtReckless driving
21-129$62.75Striking parked vehicle/fixed object
21-133$62.75Disregard railroad sign/signal
21-133A$62.75Failure to stop at railroad crossing
21-133B$62.75Driving around/through railroad gate
21-139$62.75Obstructing traffic prohibited
21-141$62.75Unattended vehicle
21-23.1$42.75Child passenger safety responsibility
21-23.2$57.75Safety belts required
21-246CourtFailure to report accident/immediate notice to police
21-269CourtViolation state registration law
21-270$47.75Improper display of license plate
21-301$57.75Inspection of vehicle required
21-325A$62.75Defective brakes
21-327$57.75Lights required on motor vehicle
21-327A$52.75Bright lights
21-327B$57.75Tail lights required
21-327C$57.75Stop lights required
21-327E$57.75Each headlamp operational
21-328$57.75Lights on vehicle/other than motor vehicle
21-330$57.75Lamp at end of train of vehicles
21-332A$57.75No headlights
21-332B$57.75headlights operational/rain
21-335$47.75Muffler required
21-338$47.75Windshield and windows
21-342A$62.75Escape of load prohibited
21-371$82.75Traffic control signals
21-371.3A$82.75Disregarded red light
21-372$62.75Disobeying flashing signals
21-377$47.75Controlled access roadways
21-378$47.75Obedience to devices
21-8$47.75Obedience to traffic officers
21-86CourtNo driver?s license
21-87$62.75Devote full attention to vehicle operation
21-88.1$62.75Failure to maintain safe speed
21-88.2$62.75Failure to maintain safe lookout
21-88.3$62.75Failure to maintain proper control
21-91$62.75Pulling away from curb
21-92$62.75Failure to yield/emerging/entering alley, driveway
21-93$62.75Duty to drive to the right side of roadway
21-94$57.75Pass vehicle opposite direction
21-95$57.75Passing vehicles same direction
21-95A$57.75Cutting in and out(passing)
21-95B$57.75Wrong side of street passing
21-96$57.75Passing on right side
21-98CourtPassing stopped school bus
21-99.1$57.75Changing/straddling lanes
21-99.3$57.75Failure to drive to the right

If the code section on the ticket in question is not listed above, please call the Traffic Violations Bureau at (901) 636-3450, or inquire by email at for the ticket price.

If a ticket has more than one violation indicated, or more than one count of a violation, the price is the sum of all the violations.