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Grades 9 -12

Memphis Ambassadors Program (M.A.P.) is a year-round development program. Nearly 440 youth annually serve as Memphis Ambassadors, representing grades 9-12 and the seven city council districts. Throughout their tenure with M.A.P., Ambassadors focus on career and college preparation skills as well as life-building skills.

Youth, Ages 14 – 22

MPLOY is a locally funded initiative administered by MOYS that provides City of Memphis youth ages 14 to 22 with meaningful and rewarding summer experiences. The MPLOY Youth Summer Experience offers various career path options according to the participants’ strengths and interests, including soft skills training, entry-level positions, and internships. Some of the top employers in the Memphis area make this possible by agreeing to serve as Business Partners and Service Providers, offering structured job opportunities for youth for six weeks during the summer months.

College Students and Recent Graduates

The Urban Fellows Programs provides local college students and recent graduates the opportunity to intern within the City of Memphis Government. Interns receive challenging projects to complete in areas of the City that they are interested in.  Urban Fellows serve between 10 and 28 hours per week. Three internship sessions are hosted a year, one in the spring, summer and fall.