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Development department Services

The Development Department (DDS) is committed to an equitable community development that brings new resources and program opportunities to address the urgent need to expand affordable housing options and increase equitable, inclusive commercial community development while transforming disinvested neighborhoods and create communities where residents and business owners of all incomes can prosper. This department in a collaborative effort with Memphis 3.0 to articulate and implement a comprehensive vision for community development that leverages prior success, builds partnerships, and breaks new ground through innovative and bold new resources and approaches to collaborative neighborhood improvements.

The program initiatives and services are administered by four offices:

  • Community Development Office
  • Weatherization Office
  • Lead Hazard Reduction Office
  • Construction Inspection Office

The Office of Community Development uses CDBG funds along with non-federal funds to support various initiatives and programs to support commercial community development projects and affordable housing initiatives for low-moderate and middle-income families within the City of Memphis. 

See the following Development Services Department Offices with the programs administered by each office:   

Community Development Office Programs:

• Senior Housing Roofing Partnership Program

• Neighborhood Economic Development Opportunities Program

• Memphis-Shelby County Green & Healthy Homes Initiatives

        Lead Safe Memphis Office Program

        Weatherization Assistance Program

The Goals and Objectives of the Development Services Department are:

  • Expand programs and initiatives to support healthy, quality, decent, and affordable housing for low-to-moderate-middle income families/individuals.
  • Explore key stakeholders and priority areas for commercial and residential development in consultation with Memphis 3.0, EDGE, DMC, and Chamber of Commerce. Secure data to support priority areas and programs including a city-wide market value analysis.
  • Identify other funding sources to leverage with Neighborhood Plans in coordination with Memphis 3.0 plan for community commercial properties, middle income and affordable.
  • Ensure that developers, contractors, and sub-recipients follow the federal and state regulations for all program funding guidelines.
  • Offer technical assistance to developers to help strengthen partnerships including small-scale development to assist with meeting the financial requirements of purchasing a home.

For more information, contact Patricia Lane, Manager at

Office of Weatherization Assistance

The Office of Weatherization Assistance Program for Shelby County promotes energy-efficient single-family homes and multifamily rental units for income-eligible households through the installation of energy conservation measures through a funding partnership with the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) and the City. WAP examples of measures include installing insulation in attics, walls floors, pipes, and/or water heaters; reducing air infiltration and HVAC duct sealing; performing HVAC tune-ups and/or replacements; minimal window replacement; and health and safety measures.

For more information visit or call 901-636-7366.

Office of LEAD-Safe Memphis

The Office of Lead-Safe Memphis provides income-eligible citizens with free Lead hazard reduction services in partnership with the U.S, Department of Housing & Community Development, and other local agencies. In Its 20-year history, the program team has successfully reduced lead exposure risks to children and families in more than 2000 housing units. In 2019, Memphis was awarded the largest grant of $5.6 million to continue lead-based inspections, lead hazard reduction, blood testing, education, and outreach and training scholarships for workers.

For more information visit or call (901) 636-LEAD.

Office of Construction Inspections

The Office of Construction Inspections coordinates and provides oversight to various technical assistance and inspection services for the Division of HCD and its programs.

For more information contact Gloria Dukes, Office Assistant . gloria.dukes@allie