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Sandra Morgan to receive new car as winner of the “Shot for Shot Sweepstakes”

Sandra Morgan to receive new car as winner of the “Shot for Shot Sweepstakes”

The City of Memphis, in partnership with the non-profit Memphis Brand, today announced that Sandra Morgan of Memphis has been selected winner of the “Shot for Shot Sweepstakes.” The promotion, which took place throughout May, was open to all Shelby County residents over the age of 18 and vaccinated for Covid 19. Entrants had a chance to win a new vehicle of their choice including a Chevy Camaro, Chevy Colorado, Nissan Rogue, Nissan Altima, or any similar vehicle of equal or lesser value.

Sandra Morgan, the grand prize winner, was thrilled to learn that she had won a brand-new car. “I am still in shock that I am the winner of the Covid-19 drawing held by the City of Memphis/Shelby County, in partnership with the non-profit Memphis Brand “Shot for Shot Sweepstakes,” Morgan said. “Winning a contest is a brand-new experience for me and one of this magnitude is overwhelming!”

“Becoming vaccinated meant so many things for my family and me. This virus changed everyday life as we knew it for people everywhere. Taking the vaccination allows me to be part of the solution,” Morgan continued. “I am doing my part to help fight this virus and keep others safe through vaccination, encouraging others to get the vaccine or strongly considering it, continued mask compliance and following CDC protocols. Winning a BRAND-NEW car – well I think that’s just a big cherry on top! Thank you, City of Memphis and Memphis Brand! We are all in this together! We Are Memphis!”

There were more than 24,000 entries for the sweepstakes and more than 650,000 doses of the vaccine have been administered in Shelby County to date, including 45,000 in May alone. Even so, receiving the vaccination remains essential in the fight to keep our communities safe.

“Congratulations to Sandra and all residents who have been vaccinated,” said City of Memphis Chief Operating Officer Doug McGowen. “Being vaccinated is our best shot at not only returning to the activities we love, but also ensuring that our communities, businesses, and workplaces can vibrant, healthy and successful.”

If you are in need of a vaccination or looking for more resources related to the pandemic, visit for more information.