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City Winter Weather Update (2-9)

City Winter Weather Update (2-9)

11 a.m. Update

City Hall is open for normal operating hours Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Raleigh Community Center and Cunningham Community  are closed until power is restored.

Galloway Golf Course is closed until power is restored.

Public Works:

Downed trees

568 downed trees were reported to OEM

519 trees have been cleared from city streets

49 total number of open service request

city crews are working to clear reported downed trees

Storm recovery is a continuous operation and the city is using all available assets to manage the server winter weather storm.

  • Traffic Engineering,

43 Traffic lights remain out of service due to power outages. This number will fluctuate as MLGW continues to restore power.

Safety Tips for Traffic Signal Outage:

–Traffic Signal Lights with outages should be treated as a four way stop

–Flashing Red Lights should be treated as a stop sign

–Flashing Yellow Lights – Drivers should proceed with caution only when traffic permits

  • MLGW

— MLGW crews and assisting out of state utility company crews continue make progress to restore power.
— As of 11 a.m. 37,134 customers are still without power. It may take several days for power to be restored in some areas.   

— Customers with power 91.18%
— To report a power outage contact MLGW at 544-6500

  • Garbage, recycling and outside the cart collections:

To facilitate curbside service following the recent storm event, the Solid Waste Division asks customers to adhere to the following guidelines:  

  • All contractors are required to remove limbs they cut or remove. City ordinance requires contractors/tree services to remove debris generated from their work. If the contractor fails to do so, the property owner will be responsible for costs incurred by the City for removal and disposal. 
  • Property owners who cut and remove their own tree debris must cut to less than 5 feet in length or less than 13 inches in diameter. City ordinance requires tree debris to be cut to these dimensions. Larger debris can damage collection equipment. Failure to adhere will result in notice of code violation and the property owner will be responsible for costs incurred by the City for removal and disposal. 
  • Keep all tree limbs and branches in a separate pile — away from non-vegetative debris (wood planks, roofing). The City makes every effort to mulch or compost organic debris. Failure to do so may cause longer wait times for storm debris collection. 
  • Move all storm debris to the curb. Solid Waste equipment cannot leave the street. Crews will not complete collection if they are unable to reach debris from the road. Please avoid blocking debris by moving vehicles at least four feet away from storm debris at the curb. Any debris in the middle of the lawn after a crew pickup must be moved to the curb for collection. 
  • Vegetative storm debris will be collected during non-bulk weeks. Regular bulk items are collected twice monthly based on address location. February 7 started week 1 for February. Check when your address falls in a non-bulk week via the Memphis Curbside Collection app or city website at Please ensure storm debris are unbagged and placed at the curb during your non-bulk week as outlined herein. 
  • Vegetative storm debris must be collected separately from regular curbside collections. Due to FEMA regulations, storm debris must be collected and tracked separately. City crews will collect regular curbside waste items only. Emergency waste pickup crews will collect storm debris only. Expect that items may be left at the curb to be collected by a different crew depending on the category it falls in. 
  • Drop-off locations remain available. A recent MLGW bill is needed for proof of solid waste fee payment. Bagged Leaves: Through the month of February, residential solid waste customers can take bagged leaves to: 

Farrisview (3207 Farrisview Blvd) – Saturdays only, 8am to 4pm 

Kennedy (4577 Raleigh Lagrange Rd) – Saturdays only, 8am to 4pm 

Collins Yard (304 Collins Street) – Monday – Saturday, 8am to 4pm 

    No tree branches, limbs, or other waste will be accepted. 

Other Solid Waste Materials: Residential solid waste customers can take one truckload of non-hazardous waste to the landfill each month.  Landfill locations are: 

Republic Services North Shelby Landfill 

7111 Old Millington Rd 

Millington, TN  38053 

Republic Services South Shelby Landfill 

5494 Malone Rd 

Memphis, TN  38119 

Vegetative storm debris includes whole trees, tree stumps, tree branches, tree trunks, and other leafy material downed or damaged by the recent storm event. 

Regular curbside pickup standards are still in place for garbage and recycle carts, as well as all non-storm related waste placed outside of the cart. 


Make sure your cart lids are completely closed to prevent tampering by pets and to block rainwater.  Excessive rainwater in your carts the workflow for Solid Waste slows crews.