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City Public Works crews are prepared for a potential wintery mix 

City Public Works crews are prepared for a potential wintery mix 

Memphis Public Works crews are preparing for the possibility of winter snow and ice. Due to the forecasted inclement weather, the City may be applying brine to pretreat the streets. Brine is a proactive strategy used as an anti-icing agent. However, if there is heavy rainfall before the snow event, Public Works crews will not use brine, as it is ineffective.

For crews to effectively apply brine or a salt/sand mix, workers need an adequate area to use the material correctly. Therefore, we ask drivers to move over and give snow and ice vehicles at least 200 feet of space. Worker safety is always a top priority, so please allow crews adequate room to work.

The City’s primary focus during inclement weather periods is to treat bridges and overpasses first, followed by any major streets with inclines/declines. The City’s third priority is to ensure first responders and emergency service providers such as hospitals, police, and fire precincts can function and may receive special consideration during inclement weather.

Public Works can deploy up to fourteen trucks to spread sand and salt as part of its de-icing operation. The City has over 7,000 tons of salt and sand available. Public Works also has ten snowplow attachments that can be attached to various heavy equipment. However, street crews will only use snowplows when snow accumulations are predicted to be three inches or higher.

The City would like to remind citizens to use caution as they travel on the roadways during inclement weather. If you don’t have to drive, then don’t. If you do, we recommend using defensive driving tactics, reducing speed, and increasing the distance between you and other drivers.