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City of Memphis Winter Weather Updates  (12-22)

City of Memphis Winter Weather Updates  (12-22)

4:30 p.m. update

City of Memphis Closures:

Memphis Public Libraries and Community Centers 

Due to the inclement weather forecast, all Memphis Public Libraries and Community Centers will close at 6 p.m. today. 

-Public Works:

Snow and Ice Operations will continue for at least the next 24 hours. This is a continuous operation and the city is using all available assets to manage the forecast for server winter weather.

Public Works Snow and Ice Operation incudes:

  • 6 brine trucks 
  • 16 sand/salt trucks 
  • To report a  downed trees after-hours call OEM at 901-636-2525

-Warming Center:

An emergency warming center will open tonight at 7:00 p.m. at Hospitality Hub, 590 Washington Avenue, and will remain open until further notice. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., persons needing a ride to the warming center via MATA may contact Hospitality Hub at (901) 297-1680 to schedule pickup.

Emergency Warming Centers provide temporary shelter for those who are impacted by cold weather. The warming center is not intended to replace the services provided by a shelter. Openings are available at local shelters for anyone who is in need of a full-service shelter. 

Those seeking shelter accommodations are encouraged to seek assistance from our partners;

  • Union Mission (Men’s Shelter), 901-526-8403 
  • The Salvation Army (Women or women and children). 
  • Other shelter services may be found by calling the 24-hour MIFA hotline at 901-529-4545.


Memphis Animal Service (MAS)

The law requires a doghouse and access to clean food and water during non life-threatening temperatures, but when temperatures are dangerously hot or dangerously cold, you have to do more than that. You have to bring them inside.


  • If you use ice melt, make sure it’s pet-friendly
  • • If your pet has access to ice melt you don’t purchase, be sure to clean their paws after they walk on it, OR they can wear booties


  • • Don’t rely on your dog to alert you to them being too cold
  • • Remember if you live in Memphis, your dog is NOT acclimated to single-digit temperatures, regardless of breed
  • • Dry off after being outside


  • • Keep it out of their reach and be sure to clean up any spills.

– Solid Waste/Garbage, recycling and outside the cart collections:

An Arctic cold front may impact the ability of the Memphis Solid Waste Division to deliver services.  Collection of Friday customers’ garbage and recycle carts may be delayed Friday December 23, 2022.  Friday customers are asked to present their carts on their normal collection day.  However, we ask for patience as Friday customers may experience a delay in garbage and/or recycle collection through December 31st.  Customers experiencing delays are asked to leave their garbage and recycle carts at the curb until collected.

Solid Waste Division regrets any inconvenience customers may experience and appreciates your patience.  Every effort is being made to restore services as soon as possible.  For information on your collection schedule and to receive notification of service changes, please download the City of Memphis Curbside Collection app, available from the Apple App and Google Play online stores.

Make sure your cart lids are completely closed to prevent tampering by pets and to block rainwater.  Excessive rainwater in your carts slows the workflow for Solid Waste crews.

-Memphis International Airport:

Many airlines have canceled or delayed flights around the country due to snow and ice. Be sure to check your airline before heading to the airport. You can keep up with all MEM flight statuses on our website here


For winter weather/holiday schedule information. visit:

The City of Memphis will continue to keep residents informed with updates on the city’s website, as well as Facebook (@MEMCity) and Twitter @Cityof Memphis) as information becomes available.