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Foster a Dog

Foster a Dog

Our Foster Program

Save lives at your city shelter by fostering a medium/large adult dog or a puppy. We have two different dog foster opportunities:

Short-Term Transport Fosters

These dogs are scheduled to go on an upcoming transport to one of our partner shelters up north. With this type of fostering, there is a specific end date and the foster period is typically about 2 weeks. The unusual thing about this type of fostering is that adopting your foster dog is typically not an option, as they have already been selected and planned for by one of our partner shelters. In general, we have already tested these dogs with other dogs and have seen them do well.

Open-Ended General Fosters

This type of fostering is the more typical foster experience where adoption is absolutely an option for the foster parent! We would love for you to take your foster dog home and keep them until they get adopted if possible, but any time out of the shelter in a foster home is beneficial, even if you can’t keep them until adoption. One of the most important things long-term general foster parents do is promoting their foster dog! We need great photos and personality information—even videos if that’s your thing—to help get your foster dog adopted. We’ll use our social media channels and website to promote your foster dog, and we ask that you use your personal network as well. Then, we’ll forward any potential adopters to you, and you are totally in charge of who can provide the most appropriate home for your foster dog (as long as the foster dog is with you).

Which one of these opportunities sounds like a better fit for you? Take your pick and take the next step!

  1. Fill out our dog foster application and choose which type of fostering you’re interested in (or both if you’re open to both), and which types of dog(s) would be a good fit in your home.
  2. Once you’ve completed the application, come to Memphis Animal Services at 2350 Appling City Cove during our adoption hours (daily from 12-4 pm) to meet potential dogs to foster.

For more general information about the MAS Foster Program, like what your responsibilities would be and what we provide, click here.