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Super District 8-2

Super District 8-2


Cheyenne Johnson

Councilwoman Cheyenne Johnson was appointed to the Council on January 8, 2019. She serves as Chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee, Vice Chair of the Budget Committee, liaison to the Downtown Memphis Commission, and as a board member for the Blight Authority of Memphis. Cheyenne Johnson is the former Shelby County Property Assessor. She served three terms in this position; a total of ten years. In 2018, She retired from Shelby County Government as a professional public servant with emphasis on administration after approximately 34 years of service. She is also a former educator for Memphis City Schools System.

She was the first black female elected Property Assessor in the State of Tennessee in 2008 and later, in 2015, she was named Tennessee Assessor of the Year because of her strong analytical, problem-solving and leadership skills and abilities.

As a resident of Super District 8 for her entire adult life, Councilwoman Johnson remembers the glamour that once existed throughout the District. She looks forward to collaborating with the Council to restoring District 8 to its greatest potential by decreasing blight and crime. She wants to ensure quality education and schools for our children, as well as fairness in taxation.

Councilwoman Johnson demonstrated trustworthiness and dependability throughout her three terms in office as Assessor of Property and fulfilled her duties with integrity and transparency. She is a bridgebuilder with members of the community, both private and public sectors, working to achieve common goals in areas of mutual concern.

A graduate of the University of Memphis, Councilwoman Johnson received her Public Administrator certification from the University of Tennessee. She is a dedicated and loyal member of Mt. Pisgah Christian Methodist Episcopal Church where she serves on the Board of Trustees.

Since being introduced to the political arena in 1978 by her political activist husband, Alvin Carmichael Johnson, Councilwoman Johnson has been very active in politics and is a past member of Shelby County Democratic Executive Committee. Councilwoman Johnson has two sons, Michael Grisham and Gerald LaFayette.

Map of Super District 8-2